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Surveying your visitors doesn't have to be complicated. By creating simple, concise questions, you can maximize response rates and ensure that you are gathering feedback from as many of your web site users as possible. With fully-integrated real time analytics, live chat, and more, Stat Centric provides a robust, web-based platform for tracking and surveying your customers. Sign up free today.

  • 100% Web-Based Software

    Whether you are at home or on the go, you can get instant, online access to poll and survey results. All votes are cast in real time, allowing you to make immediate decisions based on customer feedback.

    • Get 24/7 access to your survey reports from any modern web-browser
    • Results are updated in real time
    • Target just the users you want with demographic filtering

  • Quick and Easy Surveys

    One of the best ways to ensure that you web site visitors will take the time to respond to your surveys is to make them as short as possible. By using single question surveys, your users need not worry about being prompted with too many questions.

    • Enjoy higher response rates and virtually eliminate survey abandonment
    • Collect valuable marketing feedback and improve customer satisfaction
    • Optionally allow users to leave comments or even share the results with them

  • Visitor Polling

    User polls are an excellent way to engage your audience while collecting valuable marketing feedback at the same time. Our minimally invasive, web-based survey software provides your visitors a great way to interact with your website community while adding value to your bottom line.

    • Cast new polls without ever touching your site
    • Improve engagement and help build a stronger online community

  • Demographic Targeting

    Because of Stat Centric's full-integrated visitor tracking features, we make it easy to control when and where your surveys are shown.

    • Target users based on web site usage metrics such as pages viewed and number of visits.
    • Display surveys on specific pages such as checkout 'thank you' pages or other content related to your survey question.

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