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Start Surveying Your Users with New Stat Centric Surveys

Jun 26, 2014 - By Levi Page

Creating a Basic Survey

I'm going to skip the theatrics as to why you should be creating polls and surveys and jump right into exploring this awesome new feature. In this short demonstration, I will create a new survey from scratch, then show you how the resulting survey appears to the visitor.

The New Survey Screen

Creating a new survey

When creating the survey, I have the option of showing the survey on a specific page or on any page after a specified number of page views. In this case, I opted to display the survey only on page test2.html. When a visitor visits the page, the survey will be displayed as seen below.

The Survey as It Appears to the Visitor

Information Usability Survey

I enabled comments for this survey, which allows the visitor to give customized feedback. This feature is a powerful way to get additional details from customers regarding their choice and/or additional information that you may have not anticipated.

Reviewing the Results

After answering my own test survey, I can go back to Stat Centric and review the results. You may notice that my comments are tied to my original answer, providing a context for both the comment and the answer selected.

Survey Results Screen

Why Single Question Surveys?

Let's face it, our time is valuable and most people are very reluctant to spend 20 minutes answering a 3 page survey even when presented with incentives such as prize drawings, etc. By providing your visitors with a single, concise question, they are much more likely to take 10 seconds and respond. Created surveys appear at the bottom of your website allowing the user to answer, ignore it, or simply close it to opt-out. This provides a minimally intrusive way for users to quickly provide valuable feedback.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are new to Stat Centric, feel free to read more about our web-based survey software, then sign up free. Existing customers can simply login and start making use of this powerful new feature.


  • Surveys are presented in a single question format, allowing you to maximize response rates.
  • You can optionally allow visitors to review the results after completing a survey (i.e.: poll-style survey).
  • You can optionally allow visitors to leave comments which are then tied back to their original answers for reporting purposes.
  • Surveys can be configured to be displayed on a specific page or any page after a specific number of page views.