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New Tracking Script Released: Live Chat, Surveys, and Custom Goals Now Available

May 30, 2014 - By Levi Page

If You Haven't Already, You Will Need to Update Your Tracking Script in the next 30 Days to Continue Using Stat Centric

We've added some MAJOR new features that we are sure you will love. Unfortunately it was necessary to completely rewrite our tracking script in order to support this host of new features. This also means that there is a new snippet that must be placed on your site. This was for two reasons:

  • Tracking scripts are now specific to EACH site via an account site identifier. You can no longer use a single tracking script for all sites. This change was to support tracking multiple domains under a single web property as well as to prevent support issues when creating a second account using a previously used domain. While this may sound like a step backwards, this new method will offer a lot more flexibility.
  • We've implemented a brand new API which required the JavaScript snippet itself to be changed. Typical feature updates do not affect the snippet and we'd love to avoid updating the snippet if it were at all possible, but unfortunately this was not the case.

What's New

Now for the good news. Upon setting up the new tracking script, you will have access to some awesome new features.

Visitor Surveys and Polls

Surveying your users is now easier than ever with Stat Centric's new visitor surveys and polls.

Visitor Surveys

Live Chat

This long awaited feature allows you to reach your customers via live help, improving customer satisfaction and helping prevent lost opportunities.

Live Chat

Completely Redesigned Real Time Visitor Monitor

Live activity has been completely redesigned to show you what visitors are actually doing. Get instant updates as users interact with your website by typing, hovering, clicking, and downloading content.

Custom Goals

Goals can now be triggered without implementing custom JavaScript on your site. They can also be custom named according to your needs. Be sure to see our post on custom goal tracking, especially if you are already tracking conversions as some changes will be required.


The New Tracking Script

In order to take advantage of these new features, you will need to obtain the new tracking script. To get it go to Settings > Tracking Scripts. Some features such as Today's Activity Goals/Conversions and Live Activity will not work until the new script is installed.


  • The old tracking script is now deprecated and will stop working soon. You will need to update to the new tracking script in order to continue using Stat Centric.
  • The new tracking script is required to use goals, live activity, surveys, and live chat.
  • Each site will need a different tracking script (specifying the unique account site identifier). You can no longer use the same tracking script across all sites. This script can be obtained from the settings tab (Settings > Tracking Scripts).