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Stat Centric provides live web statistics and visitor tracking, giving you the edge in today's competitive online marketplace. Live web stats means instant availability to real time data that will help aid in making time-sensitive advertising and content delivery decisions. Sign up today for the free beta.

  • Live Visitor Monitoring

    Wouldn't it be nice to observe customer behavior just like in a traditional brick and mortar store? Now you can, using Stat Centric's live analytics reporting.

    • Birds-eye-view into how your website's visitors navigate your site
    • Spot website usability issues immediately, before they affect sales and morale
    • Get critical insight into visitor behavior that aggregate reports simply cannot provide

  • Real Time Traffic Updates

    Get today's data today, not tomorrow. When you need to see it as it happens, live web stats can only suffice. Stat Centric delivers key metrics within seconds.

    • See your most important stats in real time
    • See visits, page views, and conversions as they happen
    • Up to the minute revenue for the current day

  • Real Time Campaign Tracking

    Make quicker advertising decisions. Don't get left behind by the competition. You need actionable data, and you need it on demand.

    • Identify poorly performing PPC keywords and landing pages within 10 minutes of launch, allowing you to stop wasted spending
    • Spot bad referrers before they drain your PPC budget
    • See quicker results from split testing allowing you to make changes "on the fly"

  • Live Web Searches

    For news sites and blogs, staying on top of customer demand can be vital to success. Get search queries as visitors arrive and meet content demands in real time.

    • See what web searches are driving visitors to your site right now, allowing you to deploy time critical content based on current demand
    • Immediately view the success or failure of blog postings and other posted content
    • With updates every 10 minutes, you can see what's hot, while it's hot

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