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What good are web analytics, if you can't measure the results of your efforts? Conversion tracking should be central to any internet marketing initiative. Stat Centric makes the process of tracking popular visitor actions such as product purchases, lead submissions, etc., simple and easy. Conversion rate and revenue reporting help you to assess the true value to your advertisements, search engine keywords, and much more. Sign up today for the free beta.

  • eCommerce Tracking

    See where your sales are coming from and compare product popularity without the need of a third party accounting system.

    • Track orders, revenue, conversion rates, and products purchased
    • View the average quantity, order value, and more for purchased items
    • See how purchases relate back to campaigns, search engine keywords, etc.

  • Lead Tracking

    Make every visit count and get the most from your advertising spend. Lead tracking will help you pinpoint valuable lead sources and maximize conversion rates.

    • Track lead form submissions, email inquiries to sales, and much more
    • Assign an estimated value to each lead based on criteria you define
    • Get more leads by leveraging campaign and referrer data

  • Ad Click Tracking

    Ad click tracking can show you which traffic is resulting in clicks for your advertisers' ads or help you measure the popularity of your own internal ads and calls to action.

    • Track clicks for those you advertise for (Google Adsense, banners, ect.)
    • Track internal ad clicks and calls to action to help determine their visibility, effectiveness, and optimal traffic sources
    • Use reported data to compare against click providers to help prevent fraud

  • Download Tracking

    Whatever files are important to you, Stat Centric can track them. Perfect for measuring the download of software demos, whitepapers, and other key files for your business.

    • Track the download of whitepapers, software demos, or other important files
    • Compare downloads against purchases and other conversion types

  • Sign Up Tracking

    If site provides member signups, or other sign up functionality (such as newsletter subscriptions, etc.), sign up tracking can help you better connect with your audience.

    • Track user signups, newsletter and rss subscriptions, etc.
    • Compare the number of signups to purchases, leads, etc.

  • Demo View Tracking

    Demos are just one of the steps that often precede a purchase, lead, or other conversion type in the sales process. Tracking them is equally important.

    • See how many times visitors view your videos and other preview content
    • Compare demo views against sign ups, leads, and other conversion types

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