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Stat Centric goes far beyond basic website analysis. It provides actionable marketing and visitor tracking data, SEO tools, and uptime monitoring that will help you increase traffic, improve conversion rates, and skyrocket your site's performance. Sign up today for the free beta.

  • Real Time Analytics

    Full integrated web marketing suite with real time data. Get instant updates of your most important metrics and full reporting updates every 10 minutes.

    • See the immediate effects of site changes and advertising campaigns
    • Simple, easy to use interface that is both powerful and breathtaking
    • Website analytics, uptime monitoring, and SEO tools in one integrated suite
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  • Live Chat

    The quickest way to reach your customers. Don't miss out on another opportunity to connect with potential clients.

    • Increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing instant feedback to inquiries
    • Offer technical support and/or reduce phone costs to help users through checkout problems or other issues that affect the success of your bottom line
    • Get traffic reports and follow chatters with our real time tracking
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  • Visitor Polls and Surveys

    Create surveys and polls in under five minutes. Collect valuable marketing feedback and increase social engagement through opinion polls and more.

    • Find out what your website users really think with 10 second surveys
    • Engage your online community with visitors polls and optionally allow visitors to view the results for increased engagement
    • Unlimited Surveys. Unlimited Responses. 100% Web-Based.
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  • Uptime Monitoring

    Be the first to know when your site goes down.

    • Get instant notifications when a site outage occurs via text or email
    • Get detailed reports showing your outages, response times, and how downtime affects your site's traffic
    • Hosted in the cloud to ensure our monitors keep ticking even when your site doesn't

  • Live Visitor Monitoring

    Your own personal telescope to see who's on your site, where they came from, and what they are doing right now.

    • See how visitors navigate your site in real time
    • Spot problems with advertising campaigns immediately, rather than the next day
    • Optimize your site's navigation to help guide users where you want them.
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  • SEO Tools

    Optimize your web page content and search engine listings for better search engine rankings and higher click through rates.

    • Optimize your web content for better rankings with our SEO analyzer
    • See who is linking to you and with what keywords
    • Monitor your Google rankings and more

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  • Goal and eCommerce Tracking

    Stat Centric's powerful eCommerce and goal tracking system allows you to measure the success of your web content and advertising campaigns.

    • Track purchases, leads, sign ups, downloads, demo views, and ad clicks
    • Get important metrics on purchased products and services
    • Report on revenue, conversion rates, and much more
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  • Campaign Tracking

    Measure the effectiveness of your banner ads, pay-per-click campaigns, affiliate programs, and other marketing mediums.

    • See what advertisements are working and which ones aren't.
    • Discover new search engine keywords to expand search advertising
    • Find new high traffic referrers to partner or advertise with
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  • Advanced Data Tools

    Advanced features such as data heatmaps makes task of identifying high and low values for key metrics much easier.

    • Quickly spot problems in performance across all metrics
    • Find good performers you may have otherwise overlooked
    • See data that speaks to you and provides true insight

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